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CAN-SPAM works but needs more muscle, says attorney

Mar 31, 20061 min

Latest anti-spam news.

CAN-SPAM works but needs more muscle, says attorney, 03/31/06While the federal CAN-SPAM law that was enacted two years ago has allowed prosecutors to put some big-name spammers behind bars, the law has also caused significant headaches for legitimate marketers who are trying to stay compliant, according to one attorney.Australia clamps down on spam, 03/29/06

Australia has increased efforts to battle unsolicited commercial e-mail, or spam, by introducing a code of practice for companies providing or enabling e-mail services.

MIT spam conference focuses on phishing, 03/29/06

At the fourth annual MIT Spam Conference held in Boston Tuesday, speakers said that while the volume of spam ebbs and flows, the nature of unwanted e-mail is steadily becoming more dangerous.

New sites let users find and report phishing, 03/27/06

Security vendors are launching two Web sites aimed at helping people report and avoid phishing attacks. The Phishing Incident Reporting and Termination Squad (PIRT) is as a volunteer effort designed to take down phishing sites, while CipherTrust’s …