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Q&A: Microsoft’s Muglia chats up management directions

May 09, 20062 mins
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Q&A: Microsoft’s Muglia chats up management directions, 05/08/06

At the recent Microsoft Management Summit, Bob Muglia, senior vice president of Microsoft’s server and tools business, introduced the newest additions to the Microsoft management lineup: System Center Service Desk and System Center Carmine. Muglia sat …

The new face of disaster recovery, 05/08/06

How continuous data protection, wide-area file services and managed backup services help companies get their businesses back online faster amid disaster.

Layer 7 pumps up security on XML gateway products, 05/08/06

Layer 7 Technologies upgraded the operating system of its XML network appliances, adding features that let users apply consistent security policies across clusters of devices.

Azul appliance offloads busy application servers, 05/08/06

Azul Systems, a start-up headed by former Sun executives, is offering appliances that promise to help customers adapt to rapidly changing Web-based workloads.

Opinion: Effective WAN architecture more important than ever, 05/08/06

The bottom line: Effective WAN architecture is more important than ever, particularly in the light of changing business needs.

Opinion: Gartner predicts Vista delay, 05/03/06

The Gartner Gods have spoken. A team of Gartner analysts has issued a report predicting that Microsoft has about as much chance of hitting its latest deadline for the release of Windows Vista as you have of catching Steve Ballmer running Zandros on …