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3Com wants to hack your net – for a price

Dec 12, 20054 mins

Latest security news.

3Com wants to hack your net – for a price, 12/12/05

3Com is introducing a security service, called Security Posture Assessment, where 3Com TippingPoint security experts try to break into customers’ systems.

Wireless LAN vendors bolster products with support for VoIP, security, 12/12/05

Three wireless LAN vendors are releasing software upgrades that add features for intrusion detection, radio frequency management and wireless VoIP.

ISS and behavior-based protection to IPS appliance, 12/12/05

Internet Security Systems has added a behavior-based malware-detection engine to its gateway intrusion-prevention system called the Proventia Network Integrated Security Appliance.

The facts about WeatherBug, 12/12/05

WeatherBug CTO Christopher Sloop responds to security concerns from columnist, readers.

Anti-virus, anti-spyware vendors differ on sharing specimens, 12/12/05

Although anti-virus vendors have not made it a priority to find ways to coexist on the desktop, they do share virus specimens in a timely way. This makes their products virtually identical in what they catch.

Anti-spyware, anti-virus on collision course?, 12/12/05

A software vendor’s new technique for snuffing out spyware is raising questions over whether products such as it could crash computers by clashing with anti-virus tools that have used such methods for a decade.

Security issues to dominate Interop, 12/12/05

As Interop New York opens its doors for the first time this week, the focus will be on security and the effect of government regulations on network design and operations.

Is Skype enterprise-ready? Yes., 12/12/05

Skype, when used intelligently, solves many more problems than it creates.

Is Skype enterprise-ready? No., 12/12/05

Skype provides many powerful features for voice and text communications at a near-zero cost. Unfortunately, Skype also is wrought with implementation flaws and shows signs that it is likely to be a source of significant security problems.

Review: Assessing Skype’s network impact, 12/12/05

Our Clear Choice Test of Skype indicates that that the free VoIP service is less of a security problem to the enterprise network than some fear.

Podcast: Putting out fires, literally, 12/12/05

We take a look at something very important to a data center: Fire suppression. Specifically, Tyco Fire & Security’s Sapphire Suppression System, which uses a chemical that looks and feels like water, but does not damage electronic equipment. Joining …

Security company touts new approach on insider threat, 12/12/05

Oakley Networks, which has been selling its technology for information-leakage detection and prevention to government agencies for five years, plans to release this week a product that also can be used by non-government entities.

PostX boosts e-mail authentication management, 12/12/05

PostX last week released a new version of its e-mail encryption offering that lets organizations track, manage and administer their outbound e-mail encryption requirements that are often part of federal regulations such as the Health Insurance …

Lockdown enlists low-end switches to enforce policies, 12/12/05

Lockdown Networks plans to announce at Interop New York this week software for its network access control gear that pushes enforcement of security policies to unmanaged Layer 2 devices.

IronPort launches SMB e-mail gateway, 12/12/05

Long the provider of e-mail security products to companies and ISPs, IronPort this week plans to enter the small and midsize business market with its C10 messaging security appliance.

Managing security weaknesses no easy task, 12/12/05

Vulnerability management starts with tools that assess security in network gear and applications, but it’s a road that forks, one way leading to host- or agent-based scanners and the other to network-based or agentless scanners.

Aventail aims to create secure IP conferencing, 12/12/05

Aventail this week is announcing a collaboration appliance that works in conjunction with its SSL VPN gear to create secure IP conferencing that includes voice, video and instant messaging.

Consortium takes on application security issues, 12/12/05

This week a group called the Application Security Industry Consortium will debut, with the goal of offering ways to measure security ROI and apply metrics to buying security products.

EEye to enter anti-virus business, 12/09/05

Security vendor eEye Digital Security plans to add anti-virus capabilities to its Blink intrusion prevention product, and will release a beta version of the software early next year, according to a company executive.