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Novell offering free NetWare to OES training

Jan 19, 20062 mins
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* Novell offering 'Bridging NetWare skills to Novell OES for Linux' course

A couple of weeks ago, I quoted a reader as saying “”It is frustrating, to say the least, to see Novell gleefully decide that we (others with my experience) all need to embrace an OS that we have no familiarity with and that few of our software vendors support. If Novell were willing to make an initial investment in helping us retrain (for free, or at least at a greatly reduced price), it would make it easier for us to justify staying with Novell products.”

I quoted that without comment at the time, but I really should have pointed out that Novell has taken the initial steps to help you gain familiarity with Linux. A few months ago, in an announcement that was almost overlooked by the press, Novell announced at BrainShare Europe a free online course called “Bridging NetWare skills to Novell Open Enterprise Server for Linux.”

According to the announcement:

“The course consists of Web-based self-study modules that will take the student through the process of transitioning NetWare skills to Open Enterprise Server Linux equivalent tasks. Students will be presented with common tasks and skills in NetWare and learn how to accomplish the same tasks and skills on Open Enterprise Server Linux. Capabilities cover the introduction to Open Enterprise Server features, deployment options, file storage, print and web services, administration, and configuration. Multiple lab exercises are used to enable students to practically apply course concepts and reinforce proficiency with the Novell services.”

Isn’t that exactly what many of you have been asking for?

You do need to commit time and effort. The course consists of 10 modules that all in all, take an estimated 20 hours to complete. That’s not a long time given the content, though.

The modules are:

* 1 – Introduction to Linux

* 2 – Linux Fundamentals

* 3 -Introduction to Open Enterprise Server Features and Services

* 4 – Install Open Enterprise Server Linux

* 5 – Administer Linux

* 6 – Manage the Network

* 7 – Use Server Management Tools

* 8 – Manage The File System

* 9 – Monitor the Operating System

* 10 – Creating a Linux Training Plan

Admittedly, it isn’t easy to find this course on the Novell Web site (which appears to be becoming increasingly hard to navigate), but if you browse here you’ll be well on your way.