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App acceleration execs identify their top issues

Dec 19, 20051 min

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App acceleration execs identify their top issues, 12/19/05

Invite to dinner six executives from the top application acceleration vendors and the discussion starts flying fast. Speeding things up is what these guys do for a living.

Review: No shows for SSL VPN tests, 12/19/05

Cisco asked us to not look at its SSL VPN in this test, because executives there felt they would have a substantial and significant change available as these test results hit the presses.

Security a money-motivated concern in 2005, 12/14/05

If there was one force driving the computer security industry this year, it was money, plain and simple. Gone were the days when teenage hackers vied for bragging rights by defacing a Web site or writing an annoying worm. In 2005 a more sinister class …