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The NSA and domestic surveillance

Dec 21, 20051 min

Latest security news.

The NSA and domestic surveillance, 12/21/05

The New York Times’ revelatory articles on how President Bush authorized the National Security Agency to conduct domestic intelligence on U.S. soil to identity possible terrorists has ignited a firestorm of controversy. It’s certain to spread into hearings on Capitol Hill, a search for anyone who leaked the information and the type of tumult we endure as part of our political life.

Revisiting wireless LAN myths, 12/20/05

Gast’s comments suggest that wireless security done correctly is stronger than many seem to think, and requires more work than many seem to think.

Oracle turns to Fortify to secure source code, 12/20/05

Start-up source-code security technology developer Fortify Software scored a major triumph on Tuesday as Oracle announced plans to use Fortify’s tools to seek out holes in Oracle’s database and middleware software.

FTC: Computer users seeing less spam, law helped, 12/20/05

Computer users are seeing fewer unsolicited commercial e-mail messages in their inboxes two years after the U.S. Congress passed an anti-spam law, the U.S. Federal Trade Commission said Tuesday.