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New storage standard proposed

Dec 21, 20051 min

Latest standards and regulations news.

New storage standard proposed, 12/20/05

The Storage Networking Industry Association proposed a specification for an interface between reference information and the location where it is stored on.

Storage encryption standards coming soon? 12/19/05

Proposed standards for protecting data on disk or tape are gathering steam within the IEEE and could be supported in products as soon as next year, according to proponents.

Microsoft: One open document standard good, two better, 12/14/05

Microsoft believes a future with more than one open document standard is preferable to a single standard.

Microsoft Windows earns Common Criteria certification, 12/14/05

Several of Microsoft’s Windows platform products have achieved a Common Criteria certification of 4+, a rating that bolsters their profile among government and other vertical-market customers that have high-security needs for IT products, a company …