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The myth of the digital lifestyle; A messaging Swiss Army knife

Jan 10, 20062 mins
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* Backspin: The myth of the digital lifestyle * Gearhead: A messaging Swiss Army knife * The past 7 days on Gibbsblog

Backspin: The myth of the digital lifestyle

I was intrigued to hear that at the International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas last week, Bill Gates delivered a keynote presentation on “the digital lifestyle,” a topic Microsoft has been touting for some time.

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Gearhead: A messaging Swiss Army knife

Happy New Year! We hardly can believe we’re saying that already. Seems like only yesterday we were marveling at the arrival of 2005.

We’ve heard from a couple of you who requested the brined turkey recipe, and it seems to have worked well for everyone who tried it. Reader Tim Harrington wrote to say, “I prevailed over my wife’s reluctance to attempt a recipe from a geek source. We enjoyed the brined turkey, cooked on a Weber charcoal grill. We are now enthusiastic believers.”

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A new use for patent infringement lawsuits

An interesting article on Tech Dirt discusses how the holder of a lapsed patent for Bluetooth enabled sunglasses has filed a suit against Oakley and Motorola for violating the patent he no longer owns. The story is actually quite complex and the conclusion is …

Calea: Safe, sorry, and poor

“[Communications Assistance for Law Enforcement Act (CALEA)] compliance costs [are] a virtual sales tax on network infrastructure hardware [and] CALEA itself can be thought of as good, old-fashioned, big-government ‘regulatory overhead.'” So, opines (quite accurately) an item on Ars Technica.

KDE to run Mac OS X Dashboard widgets

On New Year’s Day, Zack Rusin, a lead developer of KDE, noted in his blog: “I’m planning to add full OSX Dashboard compatibility layer for Plasma.”

Power up

How much power does a PC need? Typical PC PSUs are rated at 400W or 500W but if you feel the need, you can go higher …


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