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Wireless advances shine at Consumer Electronics Show

Jan 10, 20067 mins
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Wireless advances shine at Consumer Electronics Show, 01/09/06

‘It was very overwhelming.’ That was how Andrew Hintz, Internet technology director for the California Democratic Party, summed up Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates’ razzle-dazzle digital lifestyle presentation at last week’s sprawling, hyperkinetic …

Nokia, Kyocera end patent dispute with cross license, 01/10/06

Finland’s Nokia and Japan’s Kyocera have ended a series of patent disputes related to cell phones with the signing of a patent cross-licensing agreement, Nokia said Tuesday.

CA licenses Funambol’s mobile technology, 01/10/06

Funambol, a developer of open source data synchronization software for mobile devices, has licensed its Sync4j mobile application server to CA, the company said Tuesday.

Opinion: Ten predictions for the new year, 01/09/06

Last month we reviewed our 2005 predictions; now it’s time to turn our gaze on the new year.

Opinion: Assessing the year ahead in telecom, 01/09/06

The great thing about tracking the telecom industry is that it’s never boring. In my last column I highlighted just a few of the seismic shifts that occurred last year. My prediction for 2006? More of the same. A few new trends emerge, but the primary

Crystal Ball: The year ahead in networkingy, 01/09/06

We take a look at the key issues and technologies that will shape the network world in 2006.

Vodafone, Sony team on new mobile music service, 01/09/06

After launching a streamed mobile TV service, Vodafone Group PLC is poised to introduce a new streamed music offering, in a move to boost revenue beyond its core telephony business.

The future revealed: What the year ahead holds for customers, 01/09/06

It’s a new year, but the IT industry’s expectations have a familiar ring. Security will remain the top driver of IT infrastructure investments, following a year in which industry watchers logged 150,000 virus outbreaks. Wireless LANs will become more

Opinion: The future revealed: Industry expert predicts what’s hot,what’s not, 01/09/06

I look back at the past year and realize that everything changed and nothing changed in 2005.

Nutter’s Help Desk: When the laptop keeps having wireless trouble, 01/09/06

I am having a problem regarding wireless connection. I have an Intel Centrino Builtin Technology, Pentium M, IBM Thinkpad. My wireless net stops working after some time. I have to repair it again and again. But it creates a lot of trouble for me. Tell …

Weblog: Vivato’s demise stalls Pittsburgh Wi-Fi zone, 01/09/06

When WLAN vendor Vivato shut down operations last month, it threw a monkey wrench into Pittsburgh’s plan for a municipal wireless LAN covering parts of the downtown area.

Weblog: Craig Mathias on CES: check out Amimon, 01/09/06

Wireless guru Craig Mathias spotlights an “almost unbelievable” wireless technology: real-time transmission of uncompressed HDTV signals, up to 1.5Gbps over a wireless LAN connection. How? Read on.. It’s no secret that much of the really interesting …

Yahoo, Sheraton get into the Wi-Fi lounge scene, 01/09/06

Yahoo is getting into the Wi-Fi hot spot business along with Sheraton Hotels & Resorts, but the partners aren’t stopping there.

CES – Eleksen offers wireless fabric keyboard, 01/09/06

Tired of pressing tiny buttons on your handheld to send a long text message or edit a document? Then check out Eleksen’s new ElekTex Smart Fabric wireless keyboard.

CES – Motorola joins Google for search, Kodak for pictures, 01/06/06

Google and Motorola have joined forces to make it easier for users to search for information from their mobile phones, the companies said Thursday at the International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

CES – Lenovo says new ThinkPads go 11 hours on battery, 01/06/06

Lenovo Group Thursday announced two new ThinkPad notebook computer series, the T60 series and the X60 series, which the company says can run for up to 11 hours without a charge when running on a second battery.

Weblog: A view from the CES floor, 01/06/06

We asked wireless guru Craig Mathias, principle of the Farpoint Group, to share some impressions and thoughts on this year’s CES. Here’s his first post… I mostly came to CES this year to speak in the one conference session dealing with wireless (other …

CES – HP to launch EV-DO notebook with Verizon, 01/05/06

HP plans to unveil a business notebook Thursday with an embedded chip that allows users to connect to Verizon Wireless’ EV-DO (evolution – data only) network in the U.S., part of a new trend toward built-in WAN capabilities in PCs.

CES – Palm’s Windows-based Treo to be available Thursday, 01/05/06

The first Windows-based version of Palm’s popular Treo will be available to subscribers of U.S. wireless operator Verizon Communications on Thursday, Palm announced at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

CES – Netgear, Skype developing Wi-Fi phone, 01/05/06

Skype users will be able to make calls from anywhere they can get a Wi-Fi Internet connection when Netgear and the Internet voice service provider begin selling a phone that Netgear will demonstrate at the International Consumer Electronics Show this …

Rambus didn’t unlawfully destroy evidence, judge rules, 01/05/06

Rambus did not unlawfully destroy documents related to patent litigation with Hynix Semiconductor, a U.S. District Court Judge ruled Wednesday.

CES – New WLAN chips take on video, voice, 01/05/06

Chip makers are showcasing their next generation wireless LAN chips at the Consumer Electronics Show this week, with many of the silicon advances focused on dealing with multimedia.

No shortage of ways to store, play media at home, 01/04/06

Amid the dazzling array of new audio and video products being introduced at the International Consumer Electronics Show this week, networking vendors are rolling out more advanced gear for distributing entertainment content around a home via Wi-Fi.

Lenovo to make ThinkPads with access to Cingular 3G, 01/04/06

Following a flurry of similar announcements late last year, Lenovo Group said on Wednesday that it will build a ThinkPad notebook computer with embedded chips that let users connect to the Internet over Cingular Wireless’ 3G wireless network.

CES displays future of audio, video, wireless, 01/04/06

You can see the future at this week’s Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. You just have to look carefully and ignore the distractions, not to mention the technotrash, which range from a lineup of NFL quarterbacks to armchair recliners wired into …

RIM warns BlackBerry users of vulnerabilities, 01/04/06

Two recently announced vulnerabilities in BlackBerry Enterprise Server permit a malicious attack that can prevent users from being able to open e-mail attachments, or disrupt the flow of information between BlackBerry Enterprise Server and BlackBerry …

Finnish vendor launches versatile RFID device, 01/04/06

Finland’s Nordic ID has launched a versatile, radio-based handheld computer designed for users in the retail and logistics sectors who prefer to collect and forward data wirelessly.

Newsletter: Standards, handsets, chickens and eggs, 01/04/06

It seems that a number of Wi-Fi standards, trends, and issues are knocking into one another and potentially stalling the success of some deployments – …

Google to be default search on Opera mobile browsers, 01/03/06

While rumors of Google buying Opera Software haven’t proved true, the pair have extended their relationship. Opera will include a Google search item on the opening pages of Opera Mini and Opera Mobile, the browsers designed for handheld devices. Opera …

WLAN vendor Vivato pulls the plug, 01/03/06

Five years after it was founded, Vivato has closed its doors.

Weblog: Build your own 3G/Wi-Fi router, 01/03/06

The Stompbox project cobbles together some of this and some of that to forge a link between an EV-DO 3G cell net and, via 802.11 wireless LANs, local client computers. In effect, it’s a portable access point tethered to a 3G data service instead of a

Nutter’s Help Desk: Wireless instead of cables in a classroom, 01/02/06

I am building a school that teaches people how to trade securities. I plan on having two classrooms with about 20 computers