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VoIP gear highlighted at CES

Jan 11, 20062 mins

Latest VoIP news.

CES – VoIP gear highlighted at CES, 01/11/06

Phone calls over the Internet, made using VoIP technology, was popular at the International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas this year, with a number of companies showing off handsets and other peripherals to make it easier for the average user …

CES – Accton may beat Netgear with first Wi-Fi VoIP phone, 01/10/06

Taiwan’s Accton Technology plans to launch two wireless handsets by the middle of February that allow users to place calls over the Internet at little or no cost using Wi-Fi, potentially beating U.S. rival Netgear to market with the first Wi-Fi phones …

Cisco, EDS close to $15 billion network upgrade deal with GM, 01/10/06

Cisco and EDS are close to landing a $15 billion network upgrade and outsourcing deal with General Motors, a financial analyst reported this week.

Skype 2.0 with video feature is now available, 01/09/06

Skype Technologies has completed testing the latest version of its Internet telephony software with a new video feature and is now encouraging users to download it.

The WAN, MPLS-based IP: 6 hot technologies for 2006, 01/09/06

The WAN, an MPLS-based IP, is among 6 hot technologies for 2006.

Assessing the year ahead in telecom, 01/09/06

The great thing about tracking the telecom industry is that it’s never boring. In my last column I highlighted just a few of the seismic shifts that occurred last year. My prediction for 2006? More of the same. A few new trends emerge, but the primary

Nolle: What will generate the real heat in ’06, 01/09/06

Thomas Nolle uses his column, “Reality Check,” to take a look at what we might expect in 2006.

End of the flat-fee Internet?, 01/06/06

A battle may be brewing between facilities-based ISPs who want to start charging extra to support high-bandwidth services like VoIP, gaming and streaming movies; and the companies that provides those services to consumers. While the goal of IP service …

CES – Netgear, Skype developing Wi-Fi phone, 01/05/06

Skype users will be able to make calls from anywhere they can get a Wi-Fi Internet connection when Netgear and the Internet voice service provider begin selling a phone that Netgear will demonstrate at the International Consumer Electronics Show this …