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SANS offers patch for Windows Metafile flaw

Jan 04, 20062 mins

Latest security news.

SANS Institute offers patch for Windows Metafile flaw, 01/03/06

In an unusual move, the SANS Institute is recommending that Windows users apply a software patch created by a Russian researcher to prevent attackers from compromising Windows desktops through a software flaw Microsoft says it won’t fix for a week.

WMF attacks on the rise, 01/04/06

Malicious software that exploits an unpatched vulnerability in Microsoft’s Windows operating system is now the most widely reported threat on the Internet, though it does not appear to be widely infecting corporate customers, according to McAfee.

RIM warns BlackBerry users of vulnerabilities, 01/04/06

Two recently announced vulnerabilities in BlackBerry Enterprise Server permit a malicious attack that can prevent users from being able to open e-mail attachments, or disrupt the flow of information between BlackBerry Enterprise Server and BlackBerry Router, the system’s developer, Research In Motion, said Tuesday.

Symantec buys IMlogic to secure instant messaging, 01/03/06

Symantec is continuing its security buying-binge with the purchase of IMlogic, maker of software designed to stop viruses that target instant messaging.

Blue Coat buys SSL VPN company for $60.8 million, 01/03/06

Blue Coat Systems is buying SSL VPN vendor Permeo in hopes of creating a combined VPN/proxy appliance to protect information entering and leaving corporate networks.