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Cisco cable deal passes legal milestone

Jan 04, 20063 mins

Latest Cisco news.

Cisco cable deal passes legal milestone, 01/04/06

Network equipment manufacturer Cisco has passed a critical milestone in its planned acquisition of cable TV technology company Scientific-Atlanta after the U.S. anti-trust waiting period passed on Friday without regulators taking any action.

Power Special Issue: Chasing the big one, 12/26/05

Gregg Chottiner is truly in the trenches of the application-aware networking fight. As CIO of the University of Maryland University College (UMUC), he must make sure that students and professors accessing the largest public distance-learning university in the world can do their coursework 24/7, from anywhere.

Power Special Issue: Eight with mega power, 12/26/05

When looking over Cisco’s moves in 2005, industry watchers no doubt see a long list of muscle-flexing maneuvers.

Power Special Issue: Cisco vs. OpenView and Tivoli?, 12/26/05

Cisco one day would like to be known as much for IT infrastructure management as it is for routers and switches – at least that’s the general industry belief, even if the company hasn’t said so outright.

Power Special Issue: The 50 most powerful people in networking, 12/26/05

This annual list of the 50 most powerful people in networking glorifies power in all its various forms. We honor the aggressive, the competitive, the colorful, the intelligent, the masterful and the thought-provoking. They are the people who make this industry so vibrant.

Newsletter: Does Cisco have what it takes to run the data center?, 12/22/05

Cisco’s news last week that it would enter the network and application performance management software market got me thinking. The network equipment …

Newsletter: Cisco enters the battle for a ‘new architecture’, 12/22/05

As we mentioned last time, Cisco announced at the Cisco analyst conference in San Jose, that it believes a new enterprise architecture is needed. Cisco …

Newsletter: How intelligent should the network be?, 12/20/05

Last week at the Cisco analyst conference in San Jose, Calif., the company reiterated its long-held position that the network is the only platform that can …

Chasing the big one, 12/26/05

A distance-learning institution banks on application-aware networking.

App acceleration execs identify their top issues, 12/19/05

Invite to dinner six executives from the top application acceleration vendors and the discussion starts flying fast. Speeding things up is what these guys do for a living.

Test: No shows for SSL VPN tests, 12/19/05

Those who were invited to take part in our SSL VPN Clear Choice Test but did not take part.

Newsletter: Cisco takes another plunge into network management, 12/19/05

I remember when some Cisco executives positioned the company as a software vendor, not a hardware vendor – its R&D focused a lot more on IOS and other …

Security a money-motivated concern in 2005, 12/14/05

If there was one force driving the computer security industry this year, it was money, plain and simple. Gone were the days when teenage hackers vied for bragging rights by defacing a Web site or writing an annoying worm. In 2005 a more sinister class …