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Offshoring: A special section

Jul 05, 20041 min
Enterprise Applications


The promise of offshoring

Lower costs, flexibility, expanded resources driving businesses to look overseas.

Jobs at risk

Repetitive, commoditized IT work most likely to head offshore.

The down side of offshoring

Poor communication, cultural differences and lack of expertise can derail engagements.

A political hot potato

Legislatures juggle offshore outsourcing regulations.

A global gambit

India gets a lot of attention but Estonia, Russia, China and other countries want your business, too.

Offshore guidance

You’ve made the decision to outsource, now what do you do?


Do offshoring’s benefits outweigh its drawbacks?

Offshoring’s victims: Two stories

Michael Emmons lost his $90,000 a year job as an applications developer and consultant with Siemens when the work was outsourced to companies overseas.