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Rx for patching mired in red tape

Jul 05, 20043 mins
Data Center

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Rx for patching mired in red tape, 07/05/04

The epidemic of Windows-based worms and viruses in the past year has put hospital IT administrators on a state of high alert to protect patient-care systems that have become reliant on Microsoft operating …

Management vendors make good on acquisitions, 07/05/04

Enterprise network managers could benefit from a flurry of acquisitions in which network management veterans BMC Software and HP separately bought leading-edge technologies and integrated the wares …

Tech Update: APM pinpoints service problems, 07/05/04

One of the biggest challenges facing IT departments today is delivering higher service levels for critical applications. Undiagnosed problems associated with poorly performing applications can cause …

Opinion: XML and management team up, 07/05/04

Resistance will be futile; it will occur rapidly in the systems management world and more slowly in the network management world. This is not all bad because the IETF will not have to reinvent the wheel and …

Start-up to tackle app management, 07/05/04

IT managers looking to better understand how applications use their network infrastructure – and more quickly spot potential failures – have a newcomer to the application management market to consider.

Newsletter: EMC strengthens support for third-party software, 07/01/04

EMC enhanced its position in the information lifecycle management world last week with the latest release of its ControlCenter storage resource management …

IT spending gathers steam, 07/01/04

IT buyer confidence continues to grow, according to Goldman Sachs, which recently surveyed 100 CIOs who say IT budgets will increase as they look to buy more equipment and software.

Newsletter: Enough with the ‘lifecycle management,’ already, 06/30/04

Today’s column will focus on one of my pet peeves: the misuse of illustrations in an attempt to explain and organize management products. A blatant example …

Newsletter: SMARTS does protocol management, 06/29/04

SMARTS last week unveiled at Supercomm a product the company says can help IT managers monitor and correlate network protocols at the routing layer.

Newsletter: Making a shopping list for storage management software, 06/29/04

What you need most when it comes to storage management depends on your site, your staffing, and the service levels and types of support your users demand. …