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ScriptLogic rolls out ‘Solution Pack’ bundles

Jul 14, 20042 mins
Enterprise Applications

* ScriptLogic bundles focus on data migration, file server mgmt., security

ScriptLogic continues to fascinate me with the imaginative and ingenious packages it puts together that, while helping you better manage your network, also allow the vendor to leverage the work that goes into its research and development efforts. Two recent announcements support this argument.

The first announcement is that ScriptLogic is now bundling what it calls “Solution Packs.” These combine “complementary” (i.e., they complement each other, but they aren’t free, or “complimentary”) products into “specially-priced suites” that “focus on data migration, file server management, security management, and Active Directory and interactive management,” according to the company.

The four inaugural suites each contain a different mix of ScriptLogic products. The Data Migration package includes Security Explorer and Secure Copy. The File Server Management package includes Secure Explorer and Enterprise Security Reporter. The Security Management packages also contains Secure Explorer, but couples it with Active Administrator, while the Administrator’s Toolbox suite pairs Active Administrator with Desktop Authority. Each of these “dynamic duos” sells for less than the combined price of the included products – a neat inducement to get you to buy more than one application.

The second announcement might affect your network, but I doubt it. Instead, it will affect those networks that don’t have full-time managers and administrators.

Under the new Consultant License Program, the vendor will allow authorized resellers and consultants to purchase software licenses of ScriptLogic’s server management tools for use during comprehensive projects. Under the terms of the program, ScriptLogic’s partners and consultants can purchase 5-, 12- or 28-day software licenses for the company’s server management products: Security Explorer, Secure Copy, Enterprise Security Reporter, and Service Explorer. This way there’s no need for each client of the consultant to have to purchase their own licenses.

If you’re a consultant, you know how hard it is to convince a client to purchase software tools that, in effect, appear to make your job easier. This new program avoids all unnecessary complications with getting the tools installed for your use when you need them. It also, though, allows your clients to see the tools in action. Once they see what the products can do, it’s probably going to be easier (if you think it necessary) to talk them into purchasing their own licenses. Sneaky? Maybe, but also very good marketing.

Keep your eye on ScriptLogic, one of the truly innovative companies involved with Windows platforms.