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Wireless directory draws cheers, jeers

Jul 12, 20042 mins

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Wireless directory draws cheers, jeers, 07/12/04

The wireless industry insists that customers are clamoring for directory assistance for mobile phone numbers, although critics – including IT executives – say the move carries unacceptable risks for businesses.

ISPs look inward to stop spam, 07/12/04

Many major ISPs recently have come to this realization about the fight against spam: They are both part of the solution and part of the problem.

Holding company looking to buy significant amount of MCI stock, 07/12/04

MCI this week announced that conglomerate Leucadia National is trying to buy at least half of the company’s stock.

Verizon Wireless acquires more spectrum, 07/09/04

Verizon Wireless this week said it won the spectrum license for the New York metropolitan area auctioned by NextWave Telecom for $930 million.

FCC gives green light to spectrum swap by Nextel, 07/08/04

The U.S. Federal Communications Commission on Thursday unanimously approved a plan to solve interference with public safety radio networks by moving some of Nextel Communications’ mobile phone …

Report: FCC OKs spectrum deal with Nextel, 07/08/04

The FCC has approved a deal to grant Nextel Communications a chunk of radio spectrum in the 1.9-GHz range in exchange for the mobile operator leaving other frequencies where its network has …

Cisco buys traffic optimizer, 07/08/04

Cisco this week announced a definitive agreement to acquire privately held Parc Technologies, a developer of traffic engineering software for routing optimization, for $9 million.