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Security freeware abounds

Jul 26, 20042 mins
Data Center

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Security freeware abounds, 07/26/04

It’s great to get something you need for free. And there are a plethora of tools users can deploy for intrusion detection, network mapping and vulnerability assessment available as free downloads from the Web.

Asigra automates remote-office backups, 07/26/04

Asigra this week is launching a version of its back-up and recovery software that businesses can use for remote offices.

EMC software helps manage content, 07/26/04

EMC last week unveiled software that helps customers implement an information life-cycle management strategy for automatically storing data on the media best befitting its business value.

Users rising to ID management challenge, 07/26/04

Integration of corporate identity systems with trading partners and others is inevitable and should be factored into security architectures being built today even though many complex issues still need to be resolved. That was the conclusion users and analysts reached last week at the annual Burton Group Catalyst conference.

Reactivity refines Web mgmt. platform, 07/26/04

Reactivity last week juggled its Web services lineup, adding a stand-alone management component and a silicon-based acceleration engine.

Adlex monitors network quality, 07/26/04

Company helps customers verify service-level commitments, pinpoint problems.

IBM, Oracle take aim at product info mgmt., 07/26/04

IBM last week announced middleware designed to help companies manage product information across their supply chains. Separately, Oracle plans to release a competing offering, called Product Data Hub, late this year or early in 2005, an Oracle official says.

Appliances ease anti-spam administration, 07/26/04

While the fight against unwanted e-mail marches on, many appliance vendors have recently tuned their anti-spam products to make them easier for corporations to use.

EMC eases data archiving duties, 07/26/04

EMC last week unveiled a software-based appliance that lets IT administrators archive text files from legacy or non-supported applications to its Centera content-addressable storage array.