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Mirapoint unveils one-stop-shop e-mail

Aug 03, 20042 mins
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* Mirapoint’s Enterprise Suite puts a lot of e-mail capabilities in one place

Last week, Mirapoint announced its Enterprise Suite, a complete messaging system that provides desktop-based e-mail functionality, as well as Web mail and wireless e-mail.

Included in the Enterprise Suite are directory services and group calendaring services, along with Mirapoint’s e-mail security capabilities that offer robust virus and spam protection.

Mirapoint also announced SynQ, a technology that allows users with Microsoft Outlook to use the full functionality of that client with the Mirapoint offering. SynQ provides support for PDAs as well.

In short, Mirapoint is offering a complete package of enterprise-grade e-mail capabilities that the company is pricing on a simple, per-user basis. Mirapoint is also marketing its migration services to help customers move from their current systems to the Enterprise Suite.

Mirapoint is pushing the one-stop approach of its offering by allowing customers to purchase all messaging functionality from a single vendor instead of the more traditional method of integrating server hardware, server software, e-mail security software and other components from a variety of vendors. To underline the advantage of this integrated approach, the company claims its messaging system is significantly less expensive to operate than more traditional messaging systems from Microsoft, Lotus, Sun and others.

Mirapoint’s claim will certainly appeal to a significant segment of the market. By integrating all of the functionality that most users will need into a single offering, a customer can eliminate the integration and management problems that sometimes occur when deploying systems from a variety of vendors. This could eliminate finger-pointing in the event of a messaging system problem and could result in reduced administration and management time to keep the system up and running.

Mirapoint’s Enterprise Suite – particularly when used with SynQ to allow users to continue using Outlook – is certainly worth a look if you’re in the market for a new messaging system or if your expenditures for administration and management labor are excessive. Enterprise Suite is available on an inclusive, per-user pricing model of $100 per user for large installations.