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The Cisco challenge

Aug 09, 20042 mins
Enterprise Applications

* The Cisco challenge * Lawyers, 2; Everyone Else, 0 * CeBit America, we hardly knew ye * Video without wires

The Cisco challenge

Cisco is at a crossroads, it’s in competitors’ crosshairs – and either way, it has quite a cross to bear. Tom Nolle explains this week why the networking giant has to reorganize and reinvent itself if it is to continue to succeed. The first step is to figure out exactly what to do with its recent acquisition of Procket’s intellectual property.

Lawyers, 2; Everyone Else, 0

Just as it did with Napster, the entertainment industry has managed to use its cadre of corporate lawyers to shut down 321 Studios, which made DVD copying software. As Backspinner Mark Gibbs points out, that means 400 people are out of a job. And for what? There are plenty of other similar tools out there.

CeBit America, we hardly knew ye

When the legendary trade show CeBit made its way to the U.S. last year, its presence flew in the face of common sense; as other trade shows were shrinking, did we really need another new one? Turns out common sense won this time around, and CeBit America lost. Network World Editor-in-Chief John Dix this week looks at what happened and what it all means for the future of trade shows.

Video without wires

Cool Tools’ Keith Shaw this week brings us a look at a very cool tool indeed: a wireless network camera that uses 802.11g to send video to your net at a rate of 30 frames per second and at high resolution. It also has remote-control features like pan, tilt and zoom.