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The do-it-yourself must-ask list

Aug 23, 20042 mins
Data Center

The do-it-yourself must-ask list

Thanks to virtualization, many companies will be doing their own disaster recovery for the first time. Start with these basic questions:

  • How will you inform key people of the disaster and get information to employees in the affected area?

  • Who grabs the configuration documentation before getting on the airplane?

  • Where do you keep backups of configuration documentation, and how do you access those?

  • Which IT members go to the back-up site, and which stay behind to work on the failed systems?

  • What is the plan for failing back, once the disaster is over and the data center can be used again?

  • Where will employees work while the primary site is unavailable, and how will they access IT systems?

  • Have you tested all applications to work with the failover systems? If configuration changes have occurred, have applications been tested again?

  • Who is assigned what tasks for getting the failover site fully operational?

  • What SAN has the synchronized data and how will failover occur to it?

  • How do your database, server cluster or virtualized servers synchronize, and who is responsible for verifying that an accurate synchronization has occurred?

  • What is the plan for failing over to the second site if the network connections in the region have been affected by the disaster?

  • Where are the long-term restore tapes, and who is responsible for getting them?

  • Has all older equipment functioning as disaster backups been kept up to date with patches and testing?