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AEP delivers failover option

Aug 12, 20042 mins

* AEP AG 1200 provides failover functionality

AEP Systems, which started life as the maker of the A-Gate Secure Sockets Layer remote access gear that supports up to 50 users at a time, is issuing its fourth AG model device, which connects up to 1,000 users.

Called AG 1200, the device is actually two chassis cabled together in a failover arrangement. If one box dies, the other one picks up the sessions. If both boxes are running, they share the load. This redundancy should mean better reliability.

The new package is an advance for AEP in that it now can support larger businesses that have more remote users tapping into corporate resources. The new device also leaves customers in a position to scale their gear to support the largest sites that might have demand from thousands of simultaneous users. While the AG 1200 straps together just two chassis, the company says it is possible to connect 16 of the individual units in high-availability configuration that could support up to 8,000 users.

The advance here is that AEP is strapping together two of its existing AG 600 boxes via high-availability ports and selling them as a package. If they are both up and running they support 1,000 users, but if one fails the healthy one only supports 500. The company says the surviving box could support 1,000 users but performance would be degraded.

AG 1200 costs $25,000 and is available now. It comes with a year of support and has no added licensing fees.

AEP is founded on selling low-cost SSL gear and its latest device falls into that category. It also gives customers who might want to scale up the number of their remote access end users an inexpensive alternative to other single-box products.