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Just the FACCTs

Aug 26, 20042 mins

* FACCTs database of tech companies

Our wonderful research librarian at the Kreitzberg Library of Norwich University, Catherine Swenson, is always on the lookout for new resources that can help faculty and students. Recently she introduced me to the online reports available from Faulkner Information Services.

Faulkner’s Advisory on Computer and Communications Technologies, or FACCTs, provides the equivalent of an up-to-date encyclopedia of information technology with a particular emphasis on data communications. Topics include:

Enterprise Data Networking


Security Strategies

Electronic Government

Electronic Business Strategies

Internet Strategies

Business Intelligence/Content Management

IT Asset Management

Application Development

Web Site Management

Converging Communications

Telecom & Global Network Services

Mobile Business Strategies

Wireless Communications

In addition, users can access current news on the following topics:

Technology Vendor Profiles

Technology News Track

Hot New Reports

The Security Management Practices database has a collection of short reports on the following topics:

Facility Security

Electronic & Paper Document Security

Security Technology

Security Outsourcing

Legal & Financial Security Issues

Regulations & Standards

IT & Network Security

Business Continuity

E-Business Security

Human Resources Security

Public, Private Sector Partnerships

Security Administration

Risk Management

Both databases provide an extensive list of detailed reports on hundreds of high-technology companies including product overview, contact information and investment information. These data may be useful to those selecting technology for their organization’s infrastructure.

On the downside, these reports are written by relatively few authors and thus present a limited view of the field, since no one can be an expert in all of these subjects; however, the authors seem to have extensive industry experience and they do write clearly and succinctly. Unfortunately, the articles have few cross-references and what few there are generally point to paper versions of the publications rather than providing URLs. However, the reports do include URLs for sites that can be helpful in additional research.

Given the low cost of the licenses (according to the information I was given, less than $1,000 per database per year for all our users at the university), these are well worth the cost.