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Hard copies of votes not the solution

Sep 06, 20042 mins
Enterprise Applications

* Hard copies of votes not the solution * A word with Nortel’s Bill Owens * Rhyme, reason and SCO * The SOA revolution

Hard copies of votes not the solution

As the presidential campaigns really get into their stride, thoughts may turn to the voting process itself. Dave Kearns this week talks about electronic voting, how many now feel a paper trail is required on top of the electronic votes. The upshot: Paper copies of votes aren’t going to help – chads or no chads.

A word with Nortel’s Bill Owens

Network World Editor-in-Chief John Dix this week gives us his take on Nortel CEO Bill Owens. Where is he coming from? Where is he taking Nortel? And what does it all mean for the network giant’s enterprise customers?

Rhyme, reason and SCO

Backspin’s Mark Gibbs turns his attention to The SCO Group, which last week talked about its earnings and the effect on them by lawyers’ fees. Gibbs can’t believe what these folks and their lawyers are saying – and suggests what they might say next.

The SOA revolution

James Kobielus starts his column with, “As high-tech buzz phrases go, service-oriented architecture is vaguer than most.” Well, that’s really saying something, because I never met a buzz phrase that wasn’t pretty darn vague. The reason SOA gets singled out for being so “vague,” though, is that it changes everything. Kobielus explains the revolution.