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Verizon offers 3M bit/sec DSL

Sep 07, 20042 mins

Verizon has upped the speed of its DSL service to 3M bit/sec for businesses and consumers in 12 states.

The new ADSL service offers a maximum connection speed of 3M bit/sec downstream and 768K bit/sec upstream, making it more competitive with cable modem service, which typically provides multimegabit-per-second throughput. Up to now, the highest downstream speed for Verizon’s DSL service was 1.5M bit/sec.

The faster service is available now in 12 New England and mid-Atlantic states, and in the District of Columbia. Verizon plans to offer 3M bit/sec DSL service later this year in the remaining 11 states where it now offers 1.5M bit/sec service.

For businesses, Verizon is pricing the service at $90 per month for dynamic IP addressing or $130 per month for static IP addressing. Verizon also offers business-grade DSL service in packages up to a maximum of 7.1M bit/sec and up to a 20% discount on DSL monthly service to businesses that subscribe to a qualifying bundle.

Consumers can access the 3M bit/sec service for $40 per month when purchased as part of a package of Verizon calling services. This price is comparable to cable modem service.

Verizon says it will continue to offer 1.5M/384K bit/sec service to consumers in 23 states and the District of Columbia for $30 a month.

Managing Editor

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