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Footwear maker treads wirelessly

Nov 17, 20032 mins
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Footwear maker treads wirelessly, 11/17/03

It used to take Skechers five days to conduct a physical inventory of its footwear stock. Now the company says it’s done in two days – all 1,500 styles and 60,000 product types contained within 1.5 million square feet of distribution space.

Tallying the true cost of spam, 11/17/03

Frank Gillman was frustrated that spam had essentially rendered useless the BlackBerries he deployed to 220 lawyers at the Allen Matkins legal firm in Los Angeles.

HP acquisitions bear ‘adaptive’ fruit, 11/17/03

HP last week unveiled software and services that promise to help IT managers better integrate management data, assign user access rights, manage heterogeneous servers and start to implement service-oriented processes across their networks.

HP officially launches Nimbus systems mgmt. tool, 11/11/03

Continuing to evolve its Adaptive Enterprise vision, HP on Tuesday unveiled more than three-dozen management software and services products, including its much-anticipated systems management tool previously codenamed Nimbus. The products are aimed at making it easier for businesses to create IT environments that grow and shrink according to business demands.

Tips for storage buying decisions, 11/13/03

Sometmes it is useful to go back to the basics.  Today, let’s look at one necessary component of a buying decision: the question of “does this purchase make good business sense for my company.”

TiGi commercializes server and storage accelerator, 11/11/03

Enterprise network managers looking to improve performance across application servers and networked storage environments might want to check out a player that recently surfaced, promising to boost data response time and scalability.

SAN device interoperability begins to emerge, 11/11/03

The Storage Management Initiative-Specification Test Suite, developed by the Storage Networking Industry Association, has entered its beta testing phase.  The suite is a series of interoperability tests for switches, fabrics, servers and arrays.

On-demand computing goes to Comdex, 11/12/03

This year’s Comdex, Nov. 16-20 in Las Vegas, will be an interesting one. The conference has a renewed focus on the business aspects of IT, with a particular emphasis on business-to-business technologies. One of the themes is on-demand computing.