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Force10, Alcatel debut 10G, high-density Ethernet gear

Nov 18, 20032 mins
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Force10, Alcatel debut 10G, high-density Ethernet gear, 11/17/03

Force10 Networks and Alcatel are rolling out Gigabit Ethernet switch products that pack high port densities. Force10’s E300 switch can support up to 48 ports of Gigabit Ethernet and two 10G Ethernet connections in a four-slot chassis, which could help companies looking for a high-speed LAN backbone or data center switch that doesn’t take up much rack space.

HP acquisitions bear ‘adaptive’ fruit, 11/17/03

HP last week unveiled software and services that promise to help IT managers better integrate management data, assign user access rights, manage heterogeneous servers and start to implement service-oriented processes across their networks.

Gateway unveils SAN, NAS storage products, 11/18/03

Gateway launched three new enterprise storage devices, including its first entry into the storage-area network and network-attached storage market, at Comdex on Tuesday in Las Vegas.

Footwear maker treads wirelessly, 11/17/03

It used to take Skechers five days to conduct a physical inventory of its footwear stock. Now the company says it’s done in two days – all 1,500 styles and 60,000 product types contained within 1.5 million square feet of distribution space.

Infravio expands beyond Web services mgmt., 11/17/03

Infravio last week unveiled the newest version of its software that focuses on giving companies a way to customize delivery of Web services using various security, transport and other mechanisms.

Review: Avocent hits home with new KVM, 11/17/03

Analog KVM systems are alive and kicking. Although their IP-based brethren get more press and stress, some network managers prefer analog because it offers higher-quality video, network independence and security, plus the ability to connect keyboard and mouse from a bare screen. Avocent’s latest offering, the AMX series, which started shipping in June, refines and simplifies the analog keyboard, video, mouse.

IBM fuels Web services push, 11/17/03

Trying to feed its momentum in the Web services market, IBM on Monday announced it is expanding the number of technical centers dedicated to helping corporate users create Web services as well as identify solutions that can solve individual problems.