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Court rules for IBM in preliminary SCO hearing

Dec 10, 20032 mins

Latest IBM news.

Court rules for IBM in preliminary SCO hearing, 12/05/03

A judge ruled in favor of IBM in two motions argued in a Utah district court Friday in its ongoing legal dispute with The SCO Group, a SCO spokesman confirmed.

OASIS elects IBM, Nokia, Oracle staff to board, 12/08/03

Representatives from Nokia, Oracle and IBM have joined the Organization for the Advancement of Structured Information Standards’ (OASIS) board of directors, the organization announced Monday.

IBM submits privacy spec to W3C, 12/04/03

IBM has submitted a draft of its Enterprise Privacy Authorization Language (EPAL) to the World Wide Web Consortium to develop, the company announced this week.

Sun drops out of Eclipse negotiations, 12/04/03

Discussions aimed at merging Sun’s NetBeans Java development framework with the IBM-backed Eclipse group have broken down, Sun said Wednesday. The news ends months of speculation about whether …

Weblog: Blade market gaining steam, 12/08/03

Blades, those compact slices of computing power designed to give data centers the oomph they need without taking up a lot of space, have been slow to take off. Buyers didn’t clamor for the products …