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3Com upgrades flagship switch

Jan 12, 20042 mins

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3Com upgrades flagship switch, 01/12/04

3Com this week is expected to launch a version of its enterprise backbone switch offering users redundant hardware and new security software features.

Alcatel beefs up switch management pack, 01/12/04

Alcatel this week is expected to release a version of its switch management software that promises to make managing network devices more flexible, secure and efficient.

CES: Agere demos new wireless chipset to rival others, 01/08/04

Chipmaker Agere Systems is demonstrating at the Consumer Electronics Show, Las Vegas, a new wireless chipset that will be able to operate on any 802.11 WLAN. Dubbed “multi-mode,” such chips…

CES: Panasonic chief says connectivity is key, 01/08/04

Panasonic’s top executive showed off a bag of technology tricks at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas Thursday, including a new network technology that could soon be used to shuttle …

CES: Motorola chooses Motia’s smart antenna technology, 01/07/04

Motorola will use smart antenna technology from Motia to extend the range of future Wi-Fi devices and improve the signal strength, Motorola announced Wednesday at the Consumer Electronics Show …

McDonald’s U.K. to offer side of Wi-Fi with burgers, 01/07/04

British Telecommunications Wednesday said it is expanding its network of public Wi-Fi sites across the U.K. with access points in 500 McDonald’s restaurants.

Apple upgrades Xserve with G5, 01/07/04

Six months after stepping up the performance of its desktop systems, Apple turned its focus to its enterprise products this week, announcing plans to release an updated Xserve with the same G5 …

China grants WLAN technology rights to more companies, 01/06/04

The Chinese government has granted licensing rights for the security protocol at the heart of China’s national WLAN standard to nine more companies, a spokeswoman for the State …

AMD launches new mobile, desktop Athlon chips, 01/06/04

Advanced Micro Devices Tuesday extended its line of Athlon 64 processors, rolling out three new mobile chips and a processor aimed at desktop PCs and desktop replacement notebooks.