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E-ProtectIT 6

Jan 29, 20043 mins

* Your invitation to attend Sixth Annual e-ProtectIT conference

I invite you to attend the Sixth Annual e-ProtectIT Infrastructure Protection Conference at Norwich University in Northfield, Vt., March 23-25. As Program Chair, I’m delighted to announce another excellent lineup of workshops and speakers.

We start with three concurrent two-day workshops on Tuesday and Wednesday. World-famous forensic scientist Peter Stephenson will present a tutorial on network forensics. Peter’s workshops have been well attended and much appreciated in previous e-ProtectIT conferences.

Norwich CIO and Vice President of Technology & Strategic Partnerships Phil Susmann will present his sparkling introduction to information security. Phil is a gifted teacher whose courses are not only informative but also stimulating and fun.

Finally, I will give my annual INFOSEC Update workshop, in which I stuff participants with this year’s results of the ongoing INFOSEC Year in Review project. Typically we have about 25 people in the workshop, and we review around 300 pages of abstracts classified according to a taxonomic scheme that starts with computer crime cases, new viruses, and other threats and then progresses through evolving vulnerabilities, management issues, developments in cryptography, and legal issues.

The colloquium on Thursday has a fascinating series of speakers and topics.

* The conference opens with distinguished keynote speaker Gen. Alfred Gray, USMC (Ret.), former commandant of the Marine Corps and a member of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

* Our next speaker is Dan Wolf, director of information assurance at the National Security Agency. His topic is “Educational Collaboration as an Essential Component of National Security.”

* Rob Rosenberger of Vmyths fame is a military historian who has just returned from four months duty in Iraq. He will present a shocking case study entitled, “Antivirus Firms Threaten U.S. National Security.”

* Patrick Gallagher, former director of the National Computer Security Center at the NSA and affectionately known as the Father of the Rainbow Series, will speak on “Technology, Public Policy and Social Change: Finding the Dots and Connecting Them.”

* Yonah Alexander, noted author and director of the International Center for Terrorism Studies (ICTS) of the Potomac Institute for Policy Studies, will speak on “Perspectives on Cyberterrorism.”

* R. Pierce Reid, Vice President of Marketing for Qovia, will speak on “The Role of Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt in Marketing Security.”

* Maj. Gen. Jack D’Araujo, Army National Guard (Ret.), will speak on “Cyber Simulation – Preparing for Cyberwar.”

* The last presentation will be a spirited panel discussion on “Integrating IA Across the Curriculum” with professors from Champlain College, Dartmouth College, Norwich University, University of Vermont, U.S. Military Academy at West Point, and William (Vic) Maconachy, program manager of the National INFOSEC Education and Training Program of the NSA.

Finally, I invite anyone interested in helping to sponsor the conference to pay special attention to the sponsorship opportunities described at:

Sponsorship allows us to keep the base price down to $495 for three days and $195 for the colloquium alone. Sponsorship also allows us to provide minimal prices to law enforcement officials and members of the armed forces of the U.S.

Full information and registration is available on the conference Web site at:

Join us!