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DOJ probing Blu-ray format group

Jan 26, 20041 min
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DOJ probing Blu-ray format group, 01/26/04

The Department of Justice has begun a preliminary investigation into the activities of the group of companies developing and promoting the Blu-ray Disc format, according to a report in Sunday’s online edition of the Wall Street Journal.

Newsletter: HP dives deep into information lifecycle management, 01/22/04

Information tends to change its value to a company over time. Information lifecycle management (ILM) seeks to allocate information to various storage resources according to its current value. Thus, as a data set becomes less significant it can be transferred from a company’s best storage assets to less costly storage.

Newsletter: HP’s storage goals in 2004, 01/20/04

Last week I attended an analysts’ meeting with HP where the company laid out its plans for the coming year. Some of the information was discussed under non-disclosure agreements and so can’t be shared at this time, but much of what we talked about was intended for public dissemination. Here are some of the key points for those of us with an interest in storage.