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From here to the new data center, step by step

Feb 16, 20042 mins
Data Center

Migrating to the new data center means making an abundance of decisions.


  • How should I deploy Web services and service-oriented architectures?

  • How can I track or partake in standards creation for Web services?

  • What’s the best way to mobility-enable applications?


  • When should I roll out 64-bit server platforms, and what affect will they have on my applications?

  • Where should I use blade servers?

  • Can I take advantage of grid computing?

  • What management tools are available for supporting blade servers, grid and autonomic computing?

Infrastructure software and end-user computing

  • How can I take advantage of better collaboration and application integration available in new versions of Windows and other platforms?

  • Where should I use open source software? On servers? The desktop? For databases or other applications?

  • When and where should I apply virtualization software?

Enterprise network, Web and WAN infrastructures

  • What upgrades do I need to support greater desktop traffic?

  • When and where should I deploy Gigabit Ethernet to the desktop?

  • What role will 10G Ethernet play?

  • Can I take advantage of new, lower-cost routing options?

  • Which of the many new devices for supporting multiple virtual functions should I deploy (switching, caching and security, for example)?

  • Where should I use SSL VPNs vs. IPSec VPNs?


  • How can I best support, manage and secure wireless LANs?

  • How do I support and secure access from public Wi-Fi and cellular data services?


  • How does storage-over-IP fit in?

  • How will I handle increased storage requirements stemming from regulatory compliance?

  • Do my disaster-recovery and back-up plans need rethinking?

  • Can I virtualize my storage?

  • How will I implement information life-cycle management?


  • Can I effectively manage all my security data?

  • How do I blend my trusty traditional security methods with new hardware and software tools and managed security options?

  • How can I best deal with internal security threats?

  • Do I have the most-effective strategies for patch management, virus prevention and spam control?

  • How will I handle identity management?

Network and systems management

  • Should I integrate security management with other device management?

  • How can I manage autonomic, grid and utility computing implementations?

  • When and where will I use outsourced management options?