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Envisioning the new data center

Feb 17, 20043 mins
Data Center

Latest data center news.

Envisioning the new data center, 02/16/04

The rise of Web-centric computing means shifting from a physical to a logical view of IT assets.

Driven to a new vision, 02/16/04

Many forces are pushing IT to explore the new data center model.

The network behind the new data center, 02/16/04

A smarter, more robust infrastructure will turn once disparate network, computing and storage resources into a unified system.

Blade servers: Taking on network functions? 02/16/04

The blade server chassis, which houses a dense cluster of modular servers that can be managed and deployed virtually, is the next big battleground in the data center optimization war – especially on the network infrastructure front.

Connected commuters, 02/16/04

The business travel industry outfits planes, trains and automobiles with Wi-Fi to attract and retain new passengers in a tight market.

App-titude adjustment, 02/16/04

Network pros sink their teeth into managing applications.

Treating management, security as one, 02/16/04

In the new data center, technologies that protect and control will work more closely together.

Taking applications to the next step, 02/16/04

In the new data center, enterprise apps will act as loosely coupled, modular network services that, when linked together, create complex business processes.

Looking ahead, 02/16/04

Pundits predict future application and system changes.

Designing for networks, 02/16/04

Rob Gingell, a Sun executive, shares his thoughts on the evolution of application development.

Making the case for the new data center, 02/16/04

A California law firm puts some of the hottest new technologies into practice.

A delectable storage plan, 02/16/04

By employing new data-center technologies to address a storage binge, Krispy Kreme baked up a new back-up scheme.

ILM in action, 02/16/04

Within the new data center, data moves from one storage resource to the next based on information life-cycle management policies.

The life cycle of data, 02/16/04

Like hierarchical storage management before it, information life-cycle management uses a tiered approach. But HSM moves data based on age alone while ILM determines tier based on business value.

Drama at the computing core, 02/16/04

The stage is set for delivery of on-demand’s grand promises – more efficient and flexible use of IT hardware and software.

Consolidation: The necessary first step, 02/16/04

One expert shares advice on migrating a new data center architecture.

By the numbers, 02/16/04

IT executives will embrace core new data center technologies in the next few years.

From here to the new data center, step by step, 02/16/04

Migrating to the new data center means making an abundance of decisions.