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Combating spam is not that simple

Feb 17, 20042 mins
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* Combating spam is not that simple * Tap dancing * Pondering the past * Showdown goes online

Combating spam is not that simple

Backspin’s Mark Gibbs says he received more feedback on last week’s column than he has ever received before. That’s because the topic was spam – and everyone has something to say about it. Gibbs shares a few of the best responses and adds his two cents about the proposed solutions.

Tap dancing

‘Net Insider Scott Bradner takes a look at what the FBI is trying to achieve with regard to regulation of VoIP and wiretaps – and surmises that the FBI doesn’t understand the technology too well.

Pondering the past

We find Tom Nolle this week asking existentialist questions as he considers what we might have learned from the telecom trends of the last few years. In the end, we should have learned a little something about innovation and execution – and about how we’ll do business in the future.

Showdown goes online

If you’ve never been to a Network World Showdown, you’re missing a vendor debate that is often as entertaining as it is informative. Vendor representatives respond to questions from us and from each other, and the results can be explosive. Now the excitement is coming to Network World’s online arm, Fusion, in a “Virtual Showdown.” Editor-in-Chief John Dix explains.