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More Linux kernel updates

Feb 23, 20045 mins

* Patches from Cisco, Mandrake Linux, NetBSD, others * Beware yet another variant of the MyDoom virus * Enterasys floats its LAN security plan, and other interesting reading

Today’s bug patches and security alerts:

Security flaw in Linux kernel gets vendor patches

A security vulnerability in the Linux kernel that could have allowed a hacker to gain control of the operating system on user machines has been patched by the open-source community and Linux vendors. Computerworld, 02/20/04.

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Cisco patches optical edge products

A couple of vulnerabilities have been found in a number of Cisco network edge optical products. Many of these flaws are open ports that could be exploited in a denial-of-service attack. For more, go to:


Zone Labs warns of flaw in SMTP processing

A flaw in certain Zone Alarm desktop packages does not properly protect systems running SMTP servers. For more, go to:

Related EEYE advisory:


APC warns of factory-set password

According to an alert from APC, “APC’s hardware-based network management cards could be compromised by non-privileged users via Telnet or the local serial port using a static factory password. This vulnerability was reported by a customer.” For more, go to:


Mandrake Linux patches metamail

A new metamail package from Mandrake Linux patches two format string and two buffer overflow flaws. For more, go to:


NetBSD patches racoon IKE daemon

A flaw in the way packets are validated by the racoon IKE daemon could be exploited by an attacker using specially crafted IKE packets. For more, go to:

NetBSD issues shmat update

A flaw in shmat, part of the System V Shared Memory interface, could be exploited by an attacker to read/write to certain parts of the kernel memory. This could disclose sensitive information that could be used in future attacks. For more, go to:

NetBSD releases patch for OpenSSL ASN.1 flaw

A denial-of-service vulnerability has been found in the OpenSSL ASN.1 parser. A fix is available:

NetBSD patches flasw in IPv6 MTU handling

According to a NetBSD alert, “A malicious party can cause a remote kernel panic by using ICMPv6 “too big” messages.” A patch is available. For more, go to:


Conectiva, Debian patch xfree86

A flaw in the way font aliases are handled by various implementations of the XFree86 Window System could be exploited by an attacker to gain root privileges on the affected operating system. For more, go to:




Today’s roundup of virus alerts:

W32/MyDoom-F – Another variant of the MyDoom virus that spreads via e-mail. Between the 17th and 22nd of the month, the virus launches a denial-of-service attack against either or (Sophos)


From the interesting reading department:

Best Products

We showcase the best of the best from our 2003 tests; the favorite products of our testers and your peers; testing tips from our experts; and more. Network World, 02/23/04.

RSA show to highlight new security approaches

The 10,000 people expected to attend the RSA Conference 2004 this week in San Francisco will be treated to new approaches to the age-old security problems of fixing vulnerabilities and verifying user identities. Network World, 02/23/04.

RSA Conference is a coming-out party for trio of start-ups

Three security start-ups will debut this week at the RSA Conference looking to make a mark in protecting enterprise customers against attack from inside and outside their organizations. Network World, 02/23/04.

Technology Update: AVDL integrates application security

Proposed by leading application security vendors and users, AVDL creates a rich and effective set of consistent XML schema definitions to describe application security properties and vulnerabilities. Using AVDL, security tools and products from different vendors will be able to communicate to coordinate their security operations and automate security management. Network World, 02/23/04.

Enterasys floats its LAN security plan

Enterasys Networks this week will unveil its strategy for locking down enterprise LANs, which involves new and existing products and partnerships with enterprise security vendors. Network World, 02/23/04.

Vernier boosts mgmt., security of WLAN pack

A new version of Vernier Networks’ WLAN security and management software could be a major step forward in simplifying wireless deployments, according to one beta tester. Network World, 02/23/04.

Vendors automate patch mgmt.

With viruses such as the Blaster worm, Sircam and Code Red costing companies billions of dollars in damage, server and desktop management vendors are looking to take advantage of an expected surge in demand for patch-management products. Network World, 02/23/04.