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The forced march to VoIP

Feb 23, 20042 mins
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* The forced march to VoIP * What’s in store for Nortel * Execs have no excuse * Cool tools from Demo

The forced march to VoIP

People have been debating the benefits of VoIP for some time – but all of that doesn’t matter. Says guest columnist Edward Horrell, the vendors are moving their voice systems to VoIP regardless, and enterprise users will be forced, if necessary, to move with them. Resistance is futile.

What’s in store for Nortel

The new Nortel is certainly a different Nortel – laying off two-thirds of your workforce tends to change a company. But CEO Frank Dunn recently told Network World Editor-in-Chief John Dix that other changes at Nortel are definitely for the better.

Execs have no excuse

What do you do when corporate executives click when they should have deleted – and end up infecting your network with the latest Internet virus? On Security’s Winn Schwartau says education is the answer. Yep, this is one case where you get to tell your boss what to do.

Cool tools from Demo

When you’re looking for cool in networking, you turn to Keith Shaw. This week he shares the coolest products introduced at one of the coolest shows in the industry, Demo 2004.