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IBM: Linux mainframe for German authority

Feb 11, 20042 mins

Latest IBM news.

IBM: Linux mainframe for German authority, 02/10/04

The German Federal Finance Office has implemented what its technology supplier, IBM, is calling one of the largest Linux-based mainframe deployments in Europe.

Brightline adds Java server to Domino, 02/09/04

Brightline Technology is picking up where IBM/Lotus left off by adding a Java application server to Domino that will let users run Java-based programs on the messaging and collaboration server.

SCO looks to widen Linux complaint against IBM, 02/06/04

The SCO Group this week aimed more legal fire at IBM, filing a motion to amend its Linux complaint against the company ahead of a hearing due to take place Friday.

Sprint, IBM announce large ‘co-sourcing’ agreement, 02/04/04

Sprint and IBM announced a five-year, multibillion-dollar customer-service agreement Wednesday morning, affecting 22 Sprint call centers that serve consumers of wireless and traditional phone …

Newsletter: Management ‘mind meld’ at HP and IBM, 02/04/04

Fans of the original Star Trek will remember when Mr. Spock would do a “mind meld,” joining his mind to that of another person. It seems HP and IBM today are doing internal mind melds to align the directions of their hardware, software and services organizations.