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The new data center: An owner’s handbook

Feb 16, 20043 mins
Data Center


Today’s top companies are accelerating toward Web-based computing. That means building the new data center — where grids, virtualization, autonomic computing and other big changes shatter the traditional boundaries on applications and information, and bring the extended enterprise to life. From services-oriented apps to intelligent infrastructure, here’s a layer-by-layer guide to creating this new data center.

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Envisioning the new data center

The rise of Web-centric computing means shifting from a physical to a

logical view of IT assets.

Drama at the computing core

The stage is set for delivery of on-demand’s grand promises — more efficient and flexible use of IT hardware and software.

The network behind the new data center

A smarter, more robust infrastructure will turn once disparate network, computing and storage resources into a unified system.

Taking applications to the next step

In the new data center, enterprise apps will act as loosely coupled, modular network services that, when linked together, create complex business processes.

ILM in action

Within the new data center, data moves from one storage resource to the next based on information life-cycle management policies.

A delectable storage


By employing new data center technologies to address a storage binge, Krispy Kreme baked up a new backup scheme.

Treating management and security as one

In the new data center, technologies that protect and control will work more closely together.

Making the case for the new data center

A California law firm puts some of the hottest technologies into practice.


Watch for our next New Data Center editorial supplement to Network World, coming March 22, with a spotlight on security challenges.