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Microsoft users: No bang for big bucks

Mar 08, 20042 mins
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Microsoft users: No bang for big bucks, 03/08/04

A host of Microsoft users say they have received nothing in return for the tens of thousands of dollars spent on software maintenance contracts set to expire this summer.

IBM targets vertical markets, SMBs, 03/08/04

Users can expect to see more products from IBM flavored with industry-specific capabilities and aimed at midsize companies. At least that’s the message from IBM’s most senior executives, who turned out last …

Vendors set to advance security plans, 03/08/04

Vendors are pursuing a variety of security initiatives intended to rein in the worst effects of problems such as worm attacks, which sometimes scan at ferocious speeds for vulnerable machines.

IBM survey: Training, tech needed to grow revenue, 03/08/04

Revenue growth is the top corporate priority, but a lack of technology tools and skills stands in the way of achieving it, according to a new IBM study.

IBM launches initiatives to automate and integrate, 03/04/04

At its PartnerWorld conference in Las Vegas this week, IBM announced two initiatives that ultimately could make it easier to integrate business and IT events across multiple platforms, to …