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The New Data Center: Rethinking networked IT

Mar 22, 20042 mins
Data Center


A dangerous combo looms, as threats to your enterprise’s security morph and intensify while you extend your applications and open corporate databases to outsiders. That places security at center stage in any new data center plan. Here we spotlight your security challenges, from managing multitudes of user identities to stomping out vulnerabilities.

Protected by the network gear

Some switches and routers now can identify, prevent or at least lessen the effect of security threats, but interoperability, performance and management are sticking points.

This means war

The IT security community arms for battle with sophisticated new strategies and technologies for eradicating worms.

Our Federated ID future

An analyst clarifies identity management standards and explains how all things lead

to federation.

Autonomic authority

Six vendor execs tell us why autonomic computing is one of the new data center’s most powerful technologies.

An application framework for the future

From application services to management hardware, semiconductor reseller Smith & Associates strengthens its just-in-time business with new data center technologies.
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Watch for the third installment of this six-part New Data Center series, coming May 24 with a spotlight on storage.

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