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Array enables remote devices to connect LAN-style

Apr 29, 20042 mins

* Array releases Array SP 7.0

Array Networks has upgraded its Array SP operating software to support more applications over its Secure Sockets Layer remote access platform.

Perhaps the most significant update is the company’s claim to provide Layer 3 VPN access to remote devices, not just Layer 7 access. This network-layer access means the devices can connect to resources as if they are on the LAN using full application clients rather than specialized Web clients.

With Array SP 7.0 the company’s SSL remote access gateways can handle a string of features and protocols they couldn’t before: Windows file sharing drag and drop, FTP, UDP, ISMP and NetBIOS among them. 

The latest release also adds a popular feature that checks whether remote machines have sufficient security software – firewalls, virus scanning – to allow them to connect to the corporate network. If the remote machine cannot show that it meets the most stringent corporate security standards, the gateway can authorize access to a less sensitive group of resources.

The software also clears out caches when users log out of secure sessions, information that hackers could use to start up unauthorized sessions.

The 7.0 release also supports a feature called virtual desktop that keeps in memory all data and files downloaded to remote machines during sessions and wipes them out when the session ends.

Most or all of these features are offered by other SSL remote access vendors and are part of a package of peripheral features that are becoming the required set for all this class of gear to have.

 The new software is shipping now.