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F5 runs interoperability tests with partners

Apr 15, 20042 mins

* What software is compatible with F5's SSL remote access gear?

F5 Networks has run its Secure Sockets Layer remote access gear through tests with some equipment made by partners so customers can be sure the products interoperate before they buy.

F5’s Firepass Controller appliance sits between the Internet-connected remote users and the corporate resources. The appliance secures the link between the two via the remote machine’s Web browser, in combination with downloaded software agents.

Two particularly handy agents are Netegrity and Oblix, which support single sign-on. Once the remote users authenticates to the F5 box, they are done signing in for that session regardless of what application they access. Products by these vendors pass cookies to the F5 box that lets it sign on to various application servers for the remote user. It’s a timesaving convenience for someone trying to work from a remote location.

F5 has also done interoperability testing with iPass for the latter’s dialer software, which lets users access the Internet via dial-up connections throughout the world. The dialer software passed the interoperability test, which isn’t surprising since these SSL devices are supposed to work over standard Internet connections regardless of how those connections were made in the first place.

F5 already had in place interoperability testing with Microsoft and Citrix for terminal services, and with McAfee for checking that remote machines have proper security configuration.

These alliances and certified interoperability can save time and eliminate horrible surprises by taking interoperability testing out of the loop when potential customers make buying decisions.