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Bachelor’s program in information assurance

May 13, 20043 mins

* Norwich University launches bachelor’s program in IA

Norwich University is proud to present a completely new Bachelor of Science in Computer Security and Information Assurance (BSIA for short).

The program has been designed from the bottom up; unlike most IA undergraduate degrees, it is not an add-on to a computer science degree. Instead, the BSIA has been built to include a wide range of interdisciplinary studies that will contribute to a sound management approach to information assurance.

As part of the team that designed the program and as the program director, I was particularly concerned to complement the many fine programs already in existence that focus on highly technical aspects of IA. Because Norwich is a small school, our division (of Business and Management) decided to emphasize our strengths.

The program, unusually for IA undergraduate degrees, includes such topics as criminal law, psychology (especially social psychology), management, finance, statistics, operations management, humanities courses and technical writing as well as the expected mathematics, programming, data structures, databases, systems engineering, cryptography, and networking. There’s also room for such courses as computer forensics and special research projects.

While we wait for information to be posted on our university Web site about the new BSIA and also about the revised minor in information assurance programs, I have prepared documentation and placed it online at:

On that page you will find:

* Short description of the BSIA (major)

This one-page summary describes why you might be interested in registering for the Bachelor of Science in Computer Security and Information Assurance at Norwich University. HTM PDF

* Summary of courses in BSIA (major)

This one-page sheet lists all the required courses and available options in the BSIA program. HTM PDF

* Complete rationale justifying the BSIA

This document was prepared for the Norwich University Curriculum Committee and provides the complete background for the decision to create the BSIA program. Because of the formatting and footnotes, this document is provided only in Acrobat PDF format.

* Minor in IA

This one-page summary lists the required courses and their prerequisites for the minor in information assurance. HTM PDF

I hope that you and any students you know or counsel will find this information helpful. I’d appreciate your help in making this information known to any young people who are interested in an IA career.

Please inform me of all errors you find on the Web page and in the documents posted there so I can correct them quickly.