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SIP resources

May 11, 20043 mins

Resources from the InteropNet Labs.

Learn more about SIP.

The iLabs team has some additional resources available at Opus One’s web page (including copies of all these white papers) at

Columbia’s Computer Science department maintains an extensive list of SIP resources

General overviews of what SIP is all about

The 180+ page SIP tutorial is outstanding. Another overview that is a bit more market-oriented and nearly as long.

A short technical introduction

A short non-technical introduction

White paper on the SIP value proposition over telephony, SIP and the new network communications model (from Nortel Networks).

Doug Moeller’s full-day VOIP tutorial, including SIP, to help you with telephony terms (a Zip file).

Internet2 SIP Initiative

The Internet2 initiative seeks to promote the convergence of voice and email identities, grow SIP reachability within Internet2, and encourage experimentation with new enterprise SIP services. A lot of SIP is “happening” there and some of the information is especially appropriate to very large deployments.

Initiative Overview in a Nutshell

How SIP uses DNS

Most enterprises will want to integrate their SIP networks with DNS to facilitate interoperability and mixing of devices and servers. The project has a good tutorial on how to use DNS to locate SIP services within a network.

ENUM (see our white paper on ENUM) helps to link SIP VoIP networks with the PSTN using DNS. The ENUM Forum is an industry group concerned with ENUM and its use internationally. An ENUM tutorial (PowerPoint) is available from the ENUM Forum.

ENUM.ORG is the home of ENUM in the US (North America, really)

SIP RFCS And Drafts

The SIP RFCs and related Internet drafts are available at several sites. An especially nicely organized set is here.

The IETF SIP Working Group, with a a frequently-updated working group information page.

Do It Yourself Help

IP Telephony Cookbook is a great reference on deploying VoIP.

Free World Dialup is an international, free, SIP network.

Brix Networks provides a free, self-service, VoIP quality testing portal – – that enables users to independently measure the quality of their VoIP connections.

Commercial SIP and Vendor Forums

Center for commercial SIP development

The SIP vendor forum, including good product listings.

SIP Products

Vendors appearing in the iLabs Voice Over IP Using SIP booth



Cisco Systems, Inc.

ClearSight Networks Inc.



Free World Dialup



ipDialog, Inc. Services

Multi-Tech Systems

Nortel Networks


Polycom, Inc .

Pulver Innovations


snom technology AG


WildPackets, Inc.