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by Christine Perey

Presence servers

Jun 02, 20031 min
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Presence servers or presence “relays” are servers that communicate with user agents or other presence servers and selectively forward presence data to an enterprise application’s data warehouse or to individual user agents, in the case of buddy lists. Presence servers can come in three flavors:

•  Components of enterprise Instant Messaging solutions (such as IBM/Lotus Sametime and Domino, Exchange IM server and Exchange 2000).

•  Complementary technologies introduced in the enterprise to augment existing infrastructure (such as Instant Technologies’ Instant TeamMessenger, Interactive Intelligence’s Enterprise Interaction Center or Customer Interaction Server, PresenceWorks’ Presence Works Enterprise Server, FaceTime Communications’ IM Director and others).

•  Owned and operated by public instant-messaging service providers on behalf of global subscriber communities.

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