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Net Know-It-All

Jun 02, 20032 mins
Enterprise Applications

So you think you're a Net Know-It-All? Take this week's quiz and find out.

1. Which U.S. president created the National Security Telecommunications Advisory Committee (NSTAC), an advisory group of up to 30 leading technology industry chief executives?

1. What was the previous name of RealNetworks?

2. Which company ranked as the most productive vendor (in terms of 2002 revenue per employee) on this year’s NW200, our annual ranking of the top network companies based on revenue? 

3. The University of Calgary made headlines in May when it announced plans to offer a course that will teach students what? 

4. By what name is Bellcore now known? 

5. What are routers that shuttle data between virtual LANs sometimes called?

6. What year was the Network Processing Forum formed?

7. A Thomas Woolston, an entrepreneur from the Washington, D.C., area, last week made news for winning a $35 million judgment in a patent dispute against which online giant? 

8. Which one of these companies was founded first? 

9. Which one of these carriers made news last week by announcing it has begun the transformation of its network from circuit-switched to packet-switched?

10. Which company last week fired back at SCO, which is out to protect its Unix code from infringement by Linux vendors and others, by claiming SCO doesn’t even own key Unix System V copyrights and patents?