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Security is everybody’s business

Jun 17, 20031 min
Data Center

* The ITAA Information Security Awareness Certification Program

Security certification isn’t just for techies anymore. Because human factors pose one of the biggest challenges in information security, the ITAA recently introduced a program designed to make security matter to each person in an organization.

The ITAA Information Security Awareness Certification Program (I-ACERT) is targeted at any employee who uses a computer. The program combines training materials with online skills measurement and certification to build employee awareness and accountability to improve information security readiness. Topics covered include computer best practices, computer ethics and misuse, identity and information theft, passwords, physical security, sensitive information and viruses and other harmful software.

I-ACERT requires a 30-minute, online exam administered by Brainbench. Brainbench’s enterprise skills measurement system will give test takers immediate results upon completion of the exam. Individuals must achieve a minimum score of 2.75 in order to earn an ITAA Information Security Awareness Certificate. As of June 17, the test costs $49.95.

Organizational certification is also available for companies to certify the entire company or groups of employees.

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