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NetFlash: Sun retools identity mgmt. platform for Web services

Jun 12, 20032 mins

Sun retools identity mgmt. platform for Web services, Java

Sun has been busy. The company has infused Web services capabilities into all the pieces of its identity management platform, to make the directory able to handle large environments. As a Sun marketing manager put it, the company is “taking it up a notch” – perhaps he’s been watching too much “Emeril Live.” Bam!

SAP to target PeopleSoft customers with campaign

It’s officially a feeding frenzy in the ERP software market. The story so far: PeopleSoft makes a friendly bid for J.D. Edwards. Oracle then makes a hostile bid for PeopleSoft. PeopleSoft cries foul. Now, SAP is getting into the action, saying you should forget about all of them and go with a “certainty.”

Microsoft to kill popular Linux antivirus product

Users and resellers of RAV AntiVirus, popular especially on Linux platforms, are in limbo after Microsoft announced plans to buy the RAV technology from Romania’s GeCAD Software.

FTC asks for greater spam-fighting powers

The Federal Trade Commission Wednesday asked Congress for greater powers in fighting spam, including the ability to require ISPs to turn over spam complaints about their customers.

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