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Cisco updates certifications, adds security training

Jun 18, 20033 mins

Latest security news.

Cisco updates certifications, adds security training, 06/17/03

Cisco this week introduced education programs for designing network security architectures and updated certification tests for specific Cisco security gear.

AT&T pumps up managed security offerings, 06/16/03

AT&T is beefing up its managed security services by offering users a wider variety of tools to keep their network and traffic safe.

Merger mania? Not yet, but . . ., 06/16/03

The flurry of technology industry wheeling and dealing over the past weeks might be a precursor to more significant merger-and-acquisition activity, according to experts.

VPLS removes complexity from networks, 06/16/03

Many network managers wish to connect their geographically dispersed locations with a protocol-transparent, any-to-any, full-mesh service. This is difficult for service providers to achieve with existing network architectures such as ATM and frame relay.

Fortinet adds intrusion detection platform, 06/16/03

Fortinet is adding intrusion prevention software to its multifunction security platform, enabling customers to block a range of threats or suspected attacks.

CA readies multi-function security tool, 06/16/03

Computer Associates this fall plans to ship security and policy-enforcement software to fight viruses and spam, to filter Web content in accordance with corporate use policies, and to block peer-to-peer file sharing.

IBM adds database support to Risk Manager, 06/16/03

IBM is expanding its Tivoli Risk Manager security management product to manage security events from a number of common enterprise databases.

GroupShield problem flares up on Exchange, 06/13/03

A flaw in Network Associates’ GroupShield antivirus product is causing problems for some users of Microsoft’s Exchange 2000 e-mail server, including server crashes, according to Vincent Gullotto, a vice president at AVERT, Network Associates’ antivirus research group.

Microsoft takes ‘Palladium’ on tour, 06/12/03

Microsoft is hitting the road with a demo of its much debated Next-Generation Secure Computing Base (NGSCB) in an effort to persuade more people of the merits of the security initiative.

California man to plead guilty in Al-Jazeera hacks, 06/12/03

A 24-year-old California man will appear in court on Monday to answer charges that he hijacked the Internet domain of Arabic news service Al-Jazeera in March.

Ex-Network Associates executive pleads guilty to securities fraud, 06/12/03

A former executive of security software company Network Associates pleaded guilty in a U.S. District Court on Wednesday to charges of securities fraud, the first charges to emerge from the U.S. government’s investigation into the company’s bookkeeping practices.