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by Steve Taylor and Larry Hettick

Survey reveals VoIP satisfaction levels, benefits and challenges

Jun 25, 20032 mins

* Sneak preview of 2003 VoIP survey results

This time we’re continuing our sneak preview of the results from Webtorials’ 2003 VoIP survey. Last time we mentioned that a look at the demographics of the respondents shows that there may be a bit of a shift in the enterprise, where the “data” people are taking on more voice responsibilities.

Sixty percent of the respondents are from the U.S. and Canada, with a strong representation (17%) from Europe. Overall, a little over half of the respondents have already implemented some form of VoIP.

Only 2 % said they were extremely dissatisfied with VoIP, while 19% were extremely satisfied.

Eighteen percent gave a ranking in the middle of the satisfaction scale, while 64% were satisfied to some extent and 17% were dissatisfied to some extent.

So as far as anticipated benefits are concerned, “Easier to deploy new integrated applications” moved into the top spot, displacing “Cost of moves, adds, and changes (MAC).” MACs moved into a tie for second with “Deploying enhanced voice functions.”

On the challenges side, the availability of budget was the top concern for last year and this year. However, this year, the availability of systems for troubleshooting VoIP quality tied for first. (This answer was not included in last year’s survey.) The next most important challenge for both years was a continued concern about interoperability of products.

Stay tuned for a lot more analysis, plus the full report, in a few weeks.