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Net Know-It-All

Jun 24, 20031 min
Enterprise Applications

So you think you're a Net Know-It-All? Take this week's quiz and find out.

1. Which U.S. president created the National Security Telecommunications Advisory Committee (NSTAC), an advisory group of up to 30 leading technology industry chief executives?

1. United Airlines last week made news when it announced plans to offer what service to customers by year-end? 

2. What was the name of the now-defunct e-commerce joint venture formed by Intel and SAP?

3. Which one of these companies did PeopleSoft CEO Craig Conway, CEO Marc Beniof and Siebel Systems CEO Tom Siebel all work for at one time?

4. Which company recently sold its DSL business to Covad?

5. What sort of devices did the FBI recently say it found rigged to set off explosives in the wake of recent bombings in Saudi Arabia?

6. Wal-Mart made news in June for publicly throwing its weight behind what technology? 

7. What year was AT&T broken up into the Baby Bells? 

8. In the latest episode from the SCO Linux/Unix drama, what has the company revoked IBM’s license to distribute? 

9. While Cisco is busy suing Huawei for patent infringement, which Cisco rival has entered a joint venture with the Chinese equipment maker?

10. What’s the primary focus of the SALT Forum?